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Alex Barr

Managing Partner

Alex Barr | Bread Street Capital Partners

Alex co-leads this client focused investing firm.

James Witter

Managing Partner

James Witter | Bread Street Capital Partners

James co-leads this client focused investing firm.

Abigail Sater

Chief Operating Officer

Abigail Sater | Bread Street Capital Partners

Abigail leads all our operational activities.

Alexander Henderson

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Alexander Henderson | Bread Street Capital Partners

Alex is responsible for strategic partnerships and distribution activities.

Guy Eastman

Senior Adviser

Guy Eastman | Bread Street Capital Partners

Guy advises on manager selection and investment diligence​.


Team meeting at Bread Street | Bread Street Capital Partners

In the end, the name found us.

As thoughtful private markets investors, we wanted to reflect that ethos and heritage together with the high standards our clients would hold us to.

Bread Street. A hallmark to aspire to, dedicated to its trade. A symbol of continual evolution. A place where our founders delivered long term growth for their clients.

A royal decree in 1302 mandated bakers supplying the City of London to trade exclusively from Bread Street, ensuring quality and standards. With the street levelled again and again it always found new ways to regenerate, most recently with the iconic One New Change development.

In 2013, our founders created a trusted private equity portfolio management team for a global asset manager in Bread Street.

Performance. Client driven solutions. Product innovation. The highest professional standards.

Those were our watchwords then. They drive us now.

We are Bread Street.


Listening to our clients, and understanding their needs …. must always come first"

Alex Barr and James Witter,

Bread Street Capital Partners invests in private markets. Our purpose is to deliver outstanding long-term investment returns for our clients and to broaden investor access to the asset class.

We listen. We create. We innovate.

We do this by partnering with clients from the outset to understand which opportunities across private equity, infrastructure, private debt and real assets will help them meet their investment objectives.

Our clients trust us to create risk appropriate portfolios and innovative products, drawing on our track record in responsible investing, owner engagement and investment oversight. For clients with mature portfolios, we offer tried and tested expertise in providing clear, unconflicted end of fund life advice, options and execution.

We have invested on behalf of clients ranging from listed investment companies, financial institutions, government agencies and UK local authorities to life funds, endowments, private banks and family offices.

A Bread Street portfolio reflects everything we would demand from an investment manager.

The Team | Bread Street Capital Partners

Investing Philosophy

Due diligence, judgement and common sense lie at the core of good, responsible investment decision making"

Alex Barr - Managing Partner

How we think

Bread Street’s philosophy stems from decades of shared investment experience.

Due diligence, judgement and common sense define that thinking.

For Bread Street, due diligence is the process of systematically isolating and assessing risk factors and understanding the chances of different outcomes to those expected.

Judgement and common sense shape our guiding principles of investing:

  • Choose the people behind the proposition first. We look for quality, expertise, values and integrity
  • Invest only in what we understand and can explain simply
  • Focus on what we are not being told – it is often more important
  • Analyse whether it might have been luck, not skill, that created value
  • Strive to invest alongside smarter people than you
  • Always align ‘our risk’ with ‘their reward’

Why private markets

Bread Street has a deep understanding of private markets and the additional sources of return and risk they offer.

For investors who are able to accept illiquidity on a proportion of their investment portfolios and who are prepared to take a longer-term view, typically 5 to 10 years, private markets offer important benefits.

Potential for superior returns... stems from the greater ability to take an active ownership approach and implement operational and strategic change"

James Witter - Managing Partner

  • Potential for superior returns compared to public markets via an ‘illiquidity premium’ that comes from active ownership. This entails adding value through implementing operational and strategic change, timing when to buy and sell in less transparent markets, and aligning management incentives
  • Portfolio diversification benefits from greater exposure to a broader range of industry sectors, underlying return drivers and outcomes versus public markets. In particular, the established trend for young rapidly growing companies to stay private for longer has allowed private market investors to capture this value growth
  • Lower volatility than public markets resulting from factors including the reduced frequency of valuations, the lack of leverage in smaller high growth companies and the contractual nature of infrastructure revenues


For Sponsors

For General Partners and Sponsors meeting our investment criteria, Bread Street offers proven expertise.

This includes launching and managing publicly listed vehicles as well as a variety of private structured feeder and continuation vehicles.

Our founders’ extensive experience as Limited Partner Advisory Committee members, and as directors of specialist feeder vehicles, provides proven know-how in managing potential conflicts and governance issues.

For Investors

Bread Street’s founders have long track records in constructing private markets investment portfolios.

These have been focused on single managers, specific financing stages, sectors and geographies, as well as building globally diversified private markets portfolios.

Bread Street are developing a range of innovative listed and private funds for investors and will provide tailored advisory services including investment due diligence and selection; all aspects of portfolio construction; risk budget setting and monitoring; and portfolio management.

For Asset and Wealth Managers

We assist firms in designing and managing private markets investing capabilities.

Services include end-to-end investment process design and oversight through to development of investment strategies that offer investors risk-managed exposures in a responsible, convenient and cost-efficient way.

Specific areas of expertise include asset allocation, impact investing assessment metrics and policy development, investment committee design, governance and conflicts management structures, and risk management.

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Bread Street Capital Partners is a founder owned investment partnership focussed on delivering and managing innovative, differentiated private market products. We help a full range of institutional and professional clients meet their investment needs.

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